Graduation Announcements

graduation announcements, custom cards, college grad

Its moments like this that make me realize how much I love my career as a photographer. Being able to capture once in a lifetime memories like my little sisters College Graduation Portraits. Capturing these moments, so thirty years from now, you can remember these priceless memories.

As Ashley’s last year in College has approached, she had asked me if I would photograph her graduation portraits while I was visiting Colorado. Yes, of course, I would love too! Weeks fly by as the time came for my trip back to Colorado. It was a nice cloudy day with the sun peaking out every couple of minutes. Which made for great lighting and made my job that much easier! She chose three outfits that were flattering and fit her personally perfectly, fun and bubbly. Our day started in the mountains by a beautiful lake and ended up in a field. We got some great images of  Ashley and her Fiancee’s old Chevy Truck! It was a busy, mountain hiking, fun filled day.


graduation announcements, glitter, college grad



graduation announcement, grad, couples portraits


After my trip was over and had many amazing sessions in Colorado, Ashley communicated to me that she would love if I could design her graduation announcements. I was ecstatic because I also loved to design custom cards in my free time. A couple of days later, I had a few basic designs that I was ready to show my sister. She approved of one which was actually a combination of two different designs. Not hard to do, just changed a few fonts her and added a few things there. We finally had come up with a final design and the cards were ready to be sent to the printers!


As a result, I believe her graduation announcements came out quite nicely!!



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